Our Services


Support for sales improves returns MS Sales can provide support in the trade channel in different ways. Where capacity problems are concerned, MS Sales can assist in the following ways:

  • Tracing parties
  • Purchasing via clock auctions
  • Order guidance for exports, quality control, developing specifications in terms of stickers, etc.
  • Mediating between trade and production
  • Acting as an interim seller/buyer

MS Sales can also help by providing advice in the field of:

  • Exports
  • Sales, purchasing, and logistics


The best price and a smooth sales process MS Sales can provide the necessary support for the sale of your product. Thanks to its outstanding knowledge of the market, Marco Stolze is better than anyone in achieving the best price and a smooth sale for you. Contact Marco Stolze with regard to:

  • Information about the market in terms of quality and price
  • Personal sales

MS Sales has a wealth of knowledge of matters relating to purchasing processes at wholesalers, DIY stores, garden centres, other retailers, and florists. Marco Stolze can therefore provide you with excellent advice regarding:

  • Added value and concepts

Rates: For information on the rates charged for the various services, please contact Marco Stolze on +31 (0)6 307 288 17 (mobile).